ValveQare Service


  • Valve commissioning

  • Preventive Valve Maintenance – Valve lubrication, cleaning, flushing, actuator and gearbox maintenance, draining and venting valve body cavity or hydraulic system, adjusting valve stops and lubricant top-up.

  • Critical valve and emergency shutdown valve maintenance

  • Valve troubleshooting, repair and sealing – Sealing valve stem and trunnion leaks, body leaks, bonnet leaks, flange leaks, fitting leaks and hard-to-operate valves.

  • Redress corroded valves. (SBM valves and equipment)

  • Refurbish old valves.

ValveQare Inspection


  • Valve testing and diagnosing

  • Pressure test and functional Test

  • Third party inspection and witness Test

  • Leakage and corrosion Inspection

  • In-factory pre-delivery Inspection

  • Valve seat and sealing integrity test.


ValveQare Automation
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuator installation.

  • Accessories installation – Air filter regulator, solenoid valve, quick exhaust valve etc.

  • Actuator maintenance and repair

  • Actuator servicing



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Who We Are ?

ValveQare is sparked up by a team of enthusiastic valve expert whose vision is to couple top-notch customer service with spot on solution on all valve-related issues.
The vision of ValveQare began when our expert team realised the inevitability of operative valves in assets of almost all industry, particularly the critical role of valves in energy sector.
Our solutions cover all types and shapes of valve from various industries.
From power generation, water treatment to oil and gas industry, our robust and modern capabilities will innovate a right engineering solution for you.


Modern Facility + Passionate Skillful Team.

ValveQare expert team was formed with members who have gone through the boom and bust of oil and gas industries in the past 50 years. There’s a saying that if one can fix any oil and gas valves, one can fix any general industries valves. Our engineers and technicians are certified by PETEX from The University of Texas, USA.


Service Culture. We experience the service together with our customer. Our team will ensure mutual interaction and satisfaction of every job we receive.